Step by Step check / To Do list for installing MS CRM 2011

–          Have Windows Server 2008 installed and ready
–          Create a Domain
–          Install IIS
– Have windows Authentication enabled
–          Install IIS 6 Compatibility Pack
–          Activate DHCP feature Under ROLES
–          Give File Server Roles and Indexing Services
–          Install SQL Server with report Server & language Pack & full text search index
– Configure the Report Server properly and have the web service URL proper .( U would need this during the CRM4.0 installation
–          If you have MS SQL sSrver 2008 , then Full text Search might give you an Error , For this , Change  the registry .

RUN > Regedit
Rename MSSQLFDLauncher folder to msftesql
Under Admintools -> services -> SQL Fulltext filter Deamon launcher
Check the Start staus of MSSQLserver

Now if you have the MS CRM 2011 CD installed, it would definitely save you a lot of time ! Voila !


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Its been a wonderful learning period over the last 6 years in the IT industry , getting exposed to whole lot of technologies and ideas. The hurdles and the crisis that came along have been wonderful experience ... And now its time to pen them down so that let some others execute faster and easily with these information .....
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