Configuring the Report Server 2008 for CRM installation

During the installation of MS Dynamics CRM , you need to configure the report server URL properly  in-order for the installation to get ahead. Though you might not be using the reports initially, still atleast the configuration needs to be done …

The steps that are needed to have the installation move ahead includes, installing SQL Server 2008 with reporting Services. And choose to have the configurations to be done later.A complete step by step installation of SQL Server 2008 could be found at

Once installed, open up the Reporting Server Configuration Manager as below:

Once you open the same, it would ask you to connect to a server instance. Provide the necessary details and connect :

Connect to Server

Connect to the required sql server instance

The next step , is to configure the Database. Though the menu on the left side shows this option as the third , this is the first thing you need to do. Here you would connect to the correct Database ( a new one normally called the ‘ReportServer’), and provide the credentials too. Choose the native mode as the Report Server Mode. You could change that later too if need be.

Configure DB

Configure the Database and provide credentials and specify the Report Server Mode

At this point of time, you can check the report status to see if all has gone well , by clicking the menu just below the ‘connect’ , where the server is shown.

Show Report Server Status

Have the status of the report server checked.

Check the Webservice URL menu at this time, and here you would see the URL to access the ReportServer. Here you open the URL and check if the service is fine. This is the URL which you would need to provide during the CRM installation process.

If no errors are shown on the url, IIS is configured properly for the Report Server.

*For IIS7, the Report Server is not shown under the IIS Manager.





If in case you need a complete guide for installing Report services on MS SQL Server 2008 , check out my post here .


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