Installing Windows 2008 server on a domain controller is not recommended – An Insight

A warning which you might come across during SQL Server installation :

Installing Windows 2008 server on a domain controller is not recommended – An Insight

While setting up a server for MS CRM, you might be given the above warning during SQL Server installation. Forget it .. its just a warning ! 🙂
But wait .. are you planning to have this warning ingnored on your production server also ? Then its time to thing twice before you bypass this warning …

SQL Server can normally run on a domain controller with out any issues.It is not recommended if you want the best performance. For best performance of SQL Server, the server should be dedicated to SQL Server, and not shared with other functions, such as a domain controller or a file server.

We need to take into consideration ‘mutually exclusive configurations’ while tuning servers. A server that run multiple application is hard to tune. This is because, different application may require mutually exclusive configurations.

A very prominent example could be of a SQL Server running on a file server.
For best performance on Windows, the “Maximize data throughput for network applications” option should be selected in order for SQL Server to run optimally.
But for file servers, the “Maximize data throughput for file sharing” should be selected for optimal performance”.
These two settings are mutually exclusive, and cannot go hand in hand. So if you have a server that is running both SQL Server and acting as a file server too, only one of the two can be optimized, and the other one will definitely suffer performance.

Of course, if your SQL Server is not very busy, and you don’t ever expect it to be, then sharing server resources can make sense. Only you can decide if compromising SQL Server’s performance is the appropriate decision.

Another possible issue with running SQL Server on a domain controller is security. With both running on the same physical server, should one of them be compromised, then is is possible that it might be easier to compromise the other one also.


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