Unable to retrieve the organizations from the Discovery Service

While trying to connect to the CRM 2011 Online, using a plugin registration tool, after you specify the

1.  Label

2. Discovery URL

3. UserName ( normally the Live Id)

4. Password

many a times you would see this error :

Plugin Registration Tool - Connect to MS CRM 2011 Online - Error - Unable to retrieve organizations






If you get this Go to the Help->About Section of the Plugin Registration Tool and check for the version . If its meant specially for the On-Premise,  a good option would be get another latest one from the latest SDK.

Also the 4 things you need to check out are :

1. Have the LiveDevice.xml deleted. ( It would be created afresh again)

2. Make sure the password is less than 15 characters. The plugin registration tool crashes with password more than 15 characters. Online web access will have no issues though ! So shorten your password !

3.Make sure the system time matches the CRM server time. Clock skew allowed is +/- 5 minutes.

4.If above 3 did not help you ,delete the connection string config file in the plugin tools debug folder.

If all the above 4 fails !.. then ….

Many a times, i have figured out  that an instance of the tool, which successfully connects to the On premise instances have a trouble connecting to the online ones.

What I have made an approach is to  have separate Plugin Tool instance for On premise and Online. In that way, things get better upfront for me ! 🙂

* Anuj Govil has in fact , more elaborately specified this with screenshots in his blog here.

* For a detailed view of how to have the Plugin Registration Tool , up and running could be found here. In fact, though it refers the Beta version, it still hold for the latest versions of SDK too.


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Its been a wonderful learning period over the last 6 years in the IT industry , getting exposed to whole lot of technologies and ideas. The hurdles and the crisis that came along have been wonderful experience ... And now its time to pen them down so that let some others execute faster and easily with these information .....
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2 Responses to Unable to retrieve the organizations from the Discovery Service

  1. Roque says:

    Hello, i’ve this problem can you help me? my detail message:
    Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: The provided uri did not return any Service Endpoints!
    en Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.ServiceConfiguration`1..ctor(Uri serviceUri)
    en Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.ServiceConfigurationFactory.CreateConfiguration[TService](Uri serviceUri)
    en Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.ServiceProxy`1..ctor(Uri uri, Uri homeRealmUri, ClientCredentials clientCredentials, ClientCredentials deviceCredentials)
    en PluginRegistrationTool.CrmConnection.get_DiscoveryService() en D:\CRM2011SDK\sdk\tools\pluginregistration\CrmConnection.cs:línea 258
    en PluginRegistrationTool.CrmConnection.RetrieveOrganizations() en D:\CRM2011SDK\sdk\tools\pluginregistration\CrmConnection.cs:línea 315
    en PluginRegistrationTool.ConnectionsForm.OpenConnection(CrmConnection con) en D:\CRM2011SDK\sdk\tools\pluginregistration\ConnectionsForm.cs:línea 940

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