How to set OwnerId of any Record in CRM 2011

Basically , unlike CRM4.0, the ‘OwnerId’ cannot be set and then the entity be created in CRM2011.

For setting the owner, we need to use the ‘AssignRequest‘. That is , we need to assign the record created to a User .

Here , for a AssignRequest class, the major fields / components are the ‘Assignee‘ and the ‘Target‘.

Assignee – is the system user to whom the entity has to be assigned.

Target – is the entity which needs to be assigned.

A straightforward example would be :

	// Create a new Row of Account
	Guid AccountGuid = _service.Create(objAccount);
	//Set Owner for Account which got created
	AssignRequest assignAcc = new AssignRequest
		Assignee = new EntityReference(SystemUser.EntityLogicalName, new Guid(UserGuid.ToString())),
		Target = new EntityReference(Account.EntityLogicalName, new Guid(AccountGuid.ToString()))
	// Execute the AssignRequest
catch (SoapException ex)
	logger.WriteCRMSoapException("An error occurred during the Assign of an account", inquiry, ex);

This would set the OwnerId of the Account.
Hope it helps ! Thank You !


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3 Responses to How to set OwnerId of any Record in CRM 2011

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  2. The link points to API for CRM 3.0. Also, when I try to actually create an instance of AssignRequest, VS doesn’t find it. 🙂

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