Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight.

You might get this message every time you  try to install Silverlight 5, and there are no solutions offered. Your system meets all the stated requirements, you would definitely be baffled.

Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight.

Basically, the 64 bit Silverlight is what you would be given for download. You might need to check for the 32 bit installable version.

The 32 bit version could be downloaded here.

It’s always better to have the latest version for development purpose … go ahead make it work !

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8 Responses to Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight.

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you!!! Searched way too long for an answer to this question and finally found your post. Thanks again!

  2. tim says:

    Thanks for the help. Still baffled why the 64 bit version didn’t work on my 64 bit system but whatever.

    • Issue can occur if you have a 32-bit system , on which a 64-bit OS is installed too. Mine was of this config and 64-bit never worked .. while all other 64bit apps installed without error except this one 🙂

  3. abigail says:

    This has not worked for me :=(

  4. oggmeista says:

    Thx man … The irony though is that not Sky helpsite nor even microsoft help site itself gives you this same advice or information…Absoloute amateurs or what ..P ..thx again bro PS my problem arose after doing a sys restore..and then finding as well I could not uninstall silverlight (used revo uninstaller to force it)

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