Activate Online CRM Subscription

The fully featured online CRM account comes to you with a Trial Period of 30 Days. Many a times, this period would be sufficient for an organization to have the system customized to their needs and ready to roll out.

So how do you get your online subscription ? Or how would you activate your CRM Account online?

The easiest and the straightforward approach that many follow is to click the ‘Activate’ button that appears on the Golden Bar . (See Pic)

Direct Activate - Golden Bar

Golden Bar - The Activation can happen from here.

Many a times, this bar is closed by users for easy working with the CRM. Now, where do one navigate to purchase the online license? Follow these steps to reach your goal :

1. Navigate to Settings . Then click on the ‘Administration’ under ‘Systems’. On the right panel you would find the ‘Subscription Management’ option.



2. At the bottom of the Subscription Management information is a button named “View Offers” In the Offer Management section.

Offer Management -> View Offers

3.After clicking the “View Offers” button, you will be presented with the screen below.

View Offers Click

View Offers Click -> Requires Sign Out & Sign In

Click “OK” and you will be redirected to the Windows Live login page.  The reason for this is you are now logging into another system for the billing information.  You will be directed to the following screen which is Step 1 of the activation process.

4. Step 1 of 4 : Please read and the Subscription Terms information and check the “I accept …” check box.

Step 1

Step 1 -> i Accept -> Next

When complete, click the “I Accept” button.  You will be brought to Step 2.

5. Enter your contact information and click Next.

Step 2

Step 2 - Contact Info

You will be brought to Step 3.

6.Choose the payment Method on Step 3

Step 3 - Payment

Step 3 - Choose Payment

Fill in your credit card information and verify the billing address information for the credit card.  Then click “Next”.

7. Step 4 is the confirmation page and you will have successfully activated your CRM 2011 Online subscription.

* If you are taking up your trial for a customer of yours, then the steps to follow in-order to transfer the ownership of the account can be found here.

Hope this helps you in activating a CRM Online account yourself or for a customer !

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