Configure Email Router for Online MS CRM 2011 Hotmail Accounts

Once , Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 E-mail Router installation is done successfully as per the post , it is time to have the router configurations done.

** Here the post talks about an online CRM instance where the users are the having windows live id which are Hotmail emails. Other mails work as well, provided you provide the basic pop and SMTP information correctly.

The steps to follow are :

1. Have the MS CRM Users configured correctly.

– Make sure their primary email is right.

– Email Access Configuration needs to be set to Email Router. Default is usually Outlook.

Email Access Config_ms crm

– Approve the user’s email.

Approve email in MS CRM 2011

3. Start the E-mail Router Configuration Manager.

4. Click Configuration Profiles and then click New.

5.Create a new Outgoing Profile with details as shown in the pic below. This one is for Hotmail emails.

Outgoing email profile : EMail Router MS CRM 2011 Online

Outgoing Server (SMTP Server):
Outgoing Server SMTP Port: 25
Outgoing Server Authentication: Yes
Outgoing Server TLS or SSL : Yes

6. Now create a new profile for incoming. As in pic below for a Hotmail SMTP relay.

Incoming Profile : Email ROuter for MS CRM 2011 Online

Incoming Server (POP3 Server):
Incoming Server POP Port: 995
Incoming Server POP SSL Encryption: Yes (On or Required)

7. Once the incoming and outgoing profiles are set. The next step is to Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.

8. Once Deployed, publish and you are ready !

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