Send and Receive emails from MS CRM Online 2011

If you are implementing a CRM Online solution, it would be complete system when emails start flowing in and out of the system. In CRM Online there does not exist an e-mail router service implementation. That is there is no outbound (SMTP, Exchange) or inbound (exchange, POP3, etc) email service hosted in the cloud.

There are 3 aspects of this, out of which 2 are described here. The forwarded mailbox option is exempted. We need to have the online CRM understand that emails needs to be sent out using one of the aspect we choose.

The OUTLOOK client integration.

Here we use the native emails ending capabilities of the outlook email client.
Outlook will send and receive emails the normal way. As per your options in MS CRM, inbound or outbound emails will be tracked into MSCRM Online.

The drawback here is that only emails send/received with a CRM User linked to an Outlook client account will be processed.
So, let’s say you have a workflow sending an email in response to a certain condition that email will ONLY be sent if the following conditions are met:

  • The sender has outlook with a MSCRM add-in installed
  • The sender is configured in MSCRM User Settings with an E-mail access type Outgoing of type “Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook”
  • The sender’s outlook is connected (both to MSCRM and the SMTP).

In short, while not impossible, as you could always dedicate outlook clients as email routers, it is very difficult to manage emails from/to queue or for users not always connected.
All emails not going to an outlook instance will stay flagged as ‘Pending Sent’ in CRM Online.

Implementation of an e-mail router service

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router is a software component that creates an interface between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and an e-mail server. When the E-mail Router is installed, it can transfer e-mail messages to and from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system.

– Outbound emails will be read by your e-mail router and routed through your SMTP (exchange or plain SMTP)
– Inbound emails will be read from your POP3, Exchange or Live accounts and send via the e-mail router to CRM Online.

You keep the option for each User or Queue to specify which method is used for email connectivity inbound and outbound.

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